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The two famous Italian singers Battisti and Mogol were used to sing “A flower in the mouth can help you, you know, everything seems more joyful and funnier”. And this is the mission of Flower Burger, the first Italian vegan burger fast food, born in the heart of Milan in 2015.

The Flower as a symbol of positivity, joy and love. A bond with nature that takes the form of the rainbow shades with a 100% plant based menu of colourful burgers.

Buns range from the yellow colour made by turmeric, to the black of the vegetable charcoal and the violet tones of the cherry and beetroot extract. The team of Flower Burger always looks for new natural colorants and ingredients with the aim to amaze its customers. Tofungo, Flower Burger and Cherry Bomb are just some of burgers that are paired with potato wedges, edamame or patatas bravas. Soybean sprouts, tofu, chickpeas and quinoa are our daily bread and Flower Burger knows how to combine them to make people fall in love with their explosive taste.

The concept was born by an idea of Matteo Toto, a young entrepreneur who undertook a journey to discover new flavours and to find the perfect meeting point between the burger culture and the vegan cuisine.

Once stepping in the restaurant, you are welcomed by a friendly atmosphere that winks at the hippy culture. The interiors host psychedelic graphics from the clubbing world that create a fun play of lights. A yellow submarine, reminding the Beatles’ iconic song, dominates the walls and behind a colourful 70’s curtain you can glimpse the kitchen, the birth place of our creations!

A mix of ages where the fil rouge is given by the harmony with the earth and love between people. A journey to Neverland…

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